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Polynol is a technology-driven global company with expertise in lubricant additives formulation, production and marketing. We blend specialty chemicals and formulate high quality additive packages to respond to our customers’ requirements. We offer a broad range of lubricant additives for different applications, such as engine oil additives, industrial oil additives, and lubricant components to meet your needs. All Polynol products are manufactured following the latest industry requirements, quality standard, and specifications. They are designed to deliver technology which maximizes the reliability, efficiency, and durability of your valuable equipment.

We pride ourselves in having a team of leading chemists from the lubricant additive industry. Polynol’s team consists of former chemists, engineers, and technicians from major additive companies, with the proven ability and motivation to work closely with independent lubricant blenders and aftermarket compounders. Our team are experienced to deliver quality and innovative solutions unique to each customer, from technical, additive package customization, and to new product development. Polynol is member of various industry organizations, including ILMA, STLE, and UEIL. Polynol Professionals are up-to-date with the industry trends and the latest technology, of which, Nano Lubricant Additive is one field we are actively developing on.

Our mission is to satisfy the customers’ needs with our high quality cost-effective oil additives. Polynol is dedicated to build strong relationships throughout the supply chain to secure the quality and availability of specialty chemicals used in our additive pages. We understand that this way, our customers could truly receive the best possible price on Polynol additives without sacrificing quality.

At Polynol, customers benefit from premium and innovative products, best possible prices, timely deliveries, integrated and customized solution, and close collaboration with Polynol team. We promote professionalism, reliability, and respect for our customers as the core corporate values.

Polynol Team

Polynol’s team of chemists, engineers, and technicians bring years of experience working in the additive industry. Using their field experience and technical expertise the Polynol team delivers quality and innovative solutions unique to each customer, from technical support and additive package customization, to new product development.

The Polynol team is also up-to-date with the latest technology and industry information to ensure the best products and services for our customers. Our participation in conferences such as STLE, ICIS, ILMA, ASTM and API allows us to keep up with the industry. More importantly, we meet our customers in person to express our respect and care, and establish long-lasting relationship..

Highlights of the Polynol Team:

  • Proven technical expertise and extensive industry experience
  • Professionals who want to work closely with lubricant blenders, providing guidance and support
  • Regular participation in industry events
  • Staying current on the latest technology, industry standards and regulations
  • Working with our customers to develop products to meet their needs
  • R&D department for new products formulation

The POLYNOL team has more than 50 years of expertise within the industry from all over the world. This gives them the skills to create an extensive portfolio of sophisticated additive packages and chemical components. Every additive package and component we supply goes through a rigorous series of quality and performance tests before our delivery to you. All the formulating and testing are conducted in technology centres in North America. We never compromise on quality.

We do our work in cooperation with international lubricant and tribology associations. We work together to formulate products, which accurately meet your needs and balance / optimize production according to your customers’ requirements

  • We listen to you and understand your needs
  • We create customized solutions especially for you
  • We share our technical expertise with you

POLYNOL™ represents wide range of components and packages in three major categories:

PolyLube™ – additive packages for Lubricants formulation and manufacturing, represented by packages for gasoline fueled, heavy duty diesel, and other engine oils, Drivetrain products and Industrial lubes.

PolyFlow™ – flow improvers, including VI Improvers and Pour Point Depressants.

PolyAdd™ – components and chemicals, including engine treatment additives, polyisobutylene (PIB), Zinc Dithiophosphates (ZDDP), PIB boosters and other sulfonates, dispersants, detergents and antifoam products.

prod-pcmoSuperior passenger car engine oils (PCMO) are characterized by their ability to provide engine protection under challenging operational conditions, primarily temperature extremes. Our full range of performance PolyLubeTM 9-Series additives meets the performance requirements of most global standards and OEM requirements and provides wide base stock coverage and cost effectiveness.

The PolyLube™ 9-Series of products is used to formulate lubricants across the full range of gasoline and light duty diesel engine performance requirements, meeting the latest American Petroleum Institute (API), Association des Constructeurs Européens d’Automobiles (ACEA), Japan Automobile Manufacturers Society (JAMA) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyLube™ 9995 – Engine Oil package, meeting API SM / ILSAC GF-4
icon-pdfPolyLube™ 9857 – Engine Oil package, meeting API CF/SL
icon-pdfPolyLube™ 9977 – Engine Oil package, meeting API CF-4/SF
icon-pdfPolyLube™ 9999 – Engine Oil package, meeting API CF/SF
icon-pdfPolyLube™ 9910 – Engine Oil package, meeting API CD/SF

prod-hdeoHeavy Duty Engine Oils (HDEO) are used in heavy-duty (primarily diesel fueled) vehicle applications. POLYNOL’s PolyLubeTM 8-Series provides cascadeability and cost effectiveness. Our HDEO products are designed to protect the trucks and equipment operating in tough conditions of extreme temperatures and load. Polynol’s formulations should help in achieving the following:

  • Reduce wear
  • Minimize viscosity changes
  • Reduce ring sticking and excessive deposits in the ring belt
  • Minimize vehicles and equipment downtime
  • Increase engine life

The PolyLube™ 8-Series is used to formulate lubricants across the full range of engine performance requirements, up to and including the latest American Petroleum Institute (API), Association des Constructeurs Européens d’Automobiles (ACEA), Japan Automobile Manufacturers Society (JAMA) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyLube™ 8987 – Engine Oil package, meeting API CI-4/SL
icon-pdfPolyLube™ 8808 – Engine Oil package, meeting API CH-4/SL

prod-motoMotorcycle engine oil additives are designed for two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The applications include motorcycle engines and engines for power tools, and lawn mowers. Polynol’s team is committed to increasing service life and reducing engine maintenance while meeting the specific needs of identified applications. Products are formulated carefully to provide protection against oxidation, wear, and corrosion and to enhance engine performance in the following areas:

  • Reducing smoke
  • Improving cleanliness & lubricity
  • Ring sticking reduction

The PolyLube™ 7-Motorcycle Series is used to formulate lubricants across the full range of engine performance requirements, up to and including the latest American Petroleum Institute (API), Association des Constructeurs Européens d’Automobiles (ACEA), Japan Automobile Manufacturers Society (JAMA) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyLube™ 7802 – Engine Oil package, meeting API TC/JASO FC

prod-automaticAutomatic transmission fluids are used in the transmissions of vehicles and equipment. ATF are deemed as the most complex among different types of fluids cause they act as wear prevention but at the same time should allowing a certain level of friction.

Our PolyLubeTM 0- ATF Series are proven technology providing the following features and benefits:

  • Improve fuel economy
  • Functional at extreme temperatures
  • Constant performance for long operation periods
  • Outstanding friction durability and oxidative stability

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyLube™ 0912 – ATF Additive Package meets the performance of requirements of pre-2006 transmissions such as: General Motors – DEXRON® III, Ford – MERCON®, Allison C-4, and Caterpillar TO-2.

prod-gearPolynol Gear Additive Packages are designed to minimize wear, pitting, spalling, and scoring in heavily loaded gear sets. The packages act to protect against oxidation, rust, corrosion and foaming for passenger vehicles, heavy-duty truck, and industrial machines and equipment.

The Polynol team aims to go beyond meeting your specifications for quality, base stock compatibility, and cost efficiency by promoting longer gear life and smoother gear changes.

The PolyLube™ 4-Series is used to formulate lubricants across the full range of engine performance requirements, up to and including the latest American Petroleum Institute (API), Association des Constructeurs Européens d’Automobiles (ACEA), Japan Automobile Manufacturers Society (JAMA) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyLube™ 4853 – Gear Oil package, meeting API GL-4/GL-5

prod-industrialPolyLube™ 6-series are designed for a wide range of industry applications. One-third of global lubricant consumption comes from the industrial sector. Lubricant used in the machines and equipment is commonly required to perform under severe operational conditions, and our products do.

We work closely with OEMs around the world to make sure we’re meeting specifications of their requirement and continue improving the products.


Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyLube™ 6901 – Marine Engine Oil Additive that provides excellent control of deposits, rust oxidation, bearing corrosion, and wear in Marine engine lubricants

prod-hydraulicPolynol’s hydraulic oil additive packages, the PolyLube™ 5-Series, are formulated with carefully selected additives components to provide superior anti-oxidation, antiwear, rust & corrosion inhibitor characteristics along with metal passivation, demulsibility & anti foaming behavior.

Modern hydraulic pumps are smaller and improved to generate higher power output. The changing hydraulic lubricant requirement has not been a challenge for us. Finished lubricants formulated with our PolyLube™ 5-Series allow the pumps to handle higher flow rates and pressures, and to operate at higher temperatures.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyLube™ 5859 – Hydraulic Oil ash-less package, meeting USA DENISONHF-0, ISO11158-97 and DIN51524 (II)
icon-pdfPolyLube™ 5866 – Hydraulic Oil anti-wear package, meeting DENISON HF-0 and DIN51524 (II)

prod-viscocityViscosity Index Improvers (VII) are designed to improve the viscosity temperature characteristics of lubricants across a wide temperature range. They accomplish this by reducing the rate of viscosity change with temperature. Depending on the application, shear stability (the amount of permanent loss in viscosity due to mechanical shearing) of VII needs to be included in the formulation requirements. They’re commonly used in multi-grade engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, and hydraulic fluids. When our customers are evaluating VIIs for formulation, our normal recommendation is our PolyFlow™ 3-series that are perfectly balanced between the thickening efficiency and shear stability.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyFlow™ 3924P – OCP VI Improver, SSI 24
icon-pdfPolyFlow™ 3935P – OCP VI Improver, SSI 35
icon-pdfPolyFlow™ 3937P – OCP VI Improver, SSI 37
icon-pdfPolyFlow™ 3943P – OCP VI Improver, SSI 43
icon-pdfPolyFlow™ 3947P – OCP VI Improver, SSI 47

prod-pourA Pour Point Depressant (PPD) is a critical polymer in lubricant composition. PPDs are used in various lubricant types, including engine oils, hydraulic fluids, and gear oils, to prevent wax crystals formation when the oil is applied in low ambient temperature. With addition of PPDs, the lubricant would still remain viscous, work efficiently, and keep good protection and performance of the engine under such temperature.

Our carefully selected PolyFlow™ 3-serie PPDs could effectively lower the pour point by as much as 40 °C and ensure finished lubricant remains in a liquid state with maintained flow characteristics under different operation conditions.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyFlow™ 3865 – Pour Point Depressant

Polynol supplies polyisobutenes (PIB) in different molecular weight. Some PIBs are used as bright stock’s substitute, with better viscosity indices and stabilities. They are added to increase the adhesive properties of lubricants. The common applications are marine lubricants, metalworking fluids, and other industrial oils.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyAdd™ 2920 – Polyisobutylene Succinimide Dispersant (PIB)
icon-pdfPolyAdd™ 2930 – Polyisobutylene Succinimide Dispersant (PIB)

Polynol has specially formulated additive packages for treatment of automotive engine oil. The packages are chlorine and phosphorus free; they aims to give engine oil better abilities to reduce moving part wear, extend engine life, and improve fuel economy.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyAdd™ 2910 – Engine Treatment Additive Package

ZDDP additives are viscous liquids that control oxidation and corrosion. They form protective films on metal surfaces to help preventing corrosion from extreme pressure and heat. Our ZDDPs are designed for a wide range of lubricants and greases that are used for vehicles, industrial gear and other applications.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyAdd™ 2844 – ZDDP

Dispersants are added into lubricants to prevent formation of sludge, varnish and other deposits on surfaces. Oil passages could be blocked with the deposit, which would result in increased wear. It is especially important for engine oil to have an effective dispersant system. Dispersants are commonly used in gasoline engine and heavy duty diesel engine oils, accounting for around 77% of its total use. They’re also used in ATF and other types of gear oils.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyAdd™ 2970 – Dispersant / Neutral Calcium Sulfonate

A defoamer, also called anti-foaming agent, is a chemical additive that reduces foam formation or break foam already formed in industrial process liquids. Anionic surfactants, such as alkyl-naphthalene sulphonates, are the most commonly used in lubricant formulations.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyAdd™ 2893 – Anti-foam additive package

Demulsifiers are specialty chemical used to separate emulsions. Hydraulic fluids, for example, contains demulsifiers to allow separation of oil and water, allowing water to be drained from the system. Other common applications include turbine oils, gear oils, greases, and metalworking fluids.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyAdd™ 2781 – De-emulsifier

TBN Booster provides lubricants with strong acid neutralizing ability, which is critical in extending the oil change intervals in countries high sulfur content fuel is used. The maintenance costs and vehicle downtimes could be significantly reduced with the product addition. Polynol TBN Booster has great stability at extreme temperature, oil solubility and water tolerance ability.

Product Highlights

icon-pdfPolyAdd™ 2755 – TBN Booster / Calcium Sulfonate
icon-pdfPolyAdd™ 2858 – TBN Booster / Calcium Sulfonate

Polynol Professionals are competent and eager to advise, guide, train and help you overcome your lubrication obstacles regardless of your size, location, or industry. Polynol’s team of chemists, engineers, and technicians are excited to work closely with independent lubricant blenders and aftermarket compounders. We have the breadth of knowledge, capability, and flexibility to meet you at your blending plant in order to provide all necessary guidance and support for you in any of the following areas:

  • Formulation
  • Blending
  • Packaging
  • Testing
  • Product Certification & Approvals
  • Marketing

Polynol gives you the services and attention you deserve – whether you buy one drum or a truckload.

The Polynol formulation team works with our customers to help scope their markets and their customers’ needs. Our chemists customize additive packages that meet the specification need to provide superior protection and performance in any application. Formulation and testing are performed at our state-of-art laboratories in North America  by the Polynol team to ensure the highest quality of finished products. Comprehensive laboratory testing is essential to verify that the formulations and packages work as promised.

This is not it!

Polynol also applies our marketing expertise to assist our customers identify and present the right benefits our the high quality additives bring to the products being offered to their customers. This enables them to bring the products to market effectively and expand their customer base. We understand and keep in mind that Polynol will only grow if our customers are successful in the marketplace.

Logistics Solutions

Polynol is in close collaboration with leading petrochemical supplier & marketer, Shamrock. Shamrock is experienced and successful in marketing and supplying petrochemical products globally. Our customers and organization have benefited significantly from its logistics solution tailored for Polynol based on Shamrock’s well-established relationship with supply chain parties. Polynol and Shamrock together is able to deliver the quality additive packages to customers on time at the minimized transportation costs.

Polynol’s strict quality policy starts from our strong relationship throughout supply chain has allowed us to secure the quality and availability of components used in our additive packages. We carefully select specialty chemical suppliers based on evaluation of their industry reputation, length of establishment, customer references. Products are designed with Polynol Professionals’ close communication with our customers. Blending facilities are selected for the experiences they manufacture for other major additive companies. They operate strictly following procedure established by and instructions from Polynol Professionals. Every additive package and component we supply have to go through series of quality and performance tests before our delivery to you. All the formulating and testing are conducted in our state-of-the-art technology centres in North America. We never compromise on quality.


Screening and employment of the highest quality lubricant additive professionals.


Suppliers’ evaluation and selection
Communication, product design and development
Blending facility examination and monitoring
Finished product testing

Polynol’s research and development expertise delivers the technology that enables Polynol to continue to meet the ever hanging lubrication requirements. All our innovative solutions start from the technology centres in North America . Research and testing are conducted with the most advanced technology and by the Polynol team to create additives that maximize the reliability, efficiency, and durability of moving parts. The Polynol team is an elite group of chemists, engineers and technicians, with extensive background in the lubricant industry and a strong desire to continuously develop new industry solutions.

We work in close contact with automotive and industrial Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to understand and formulate innovative products and advanced technology according to changes in machines and equipment design. As a part of the development process we also take into account the following factors that significantly impact the types and needs for lubricant and fuel additive technology:

  • Regional market growth
  • Industry structure change
  • Base stock types, prices, and availability
  • Environmental legislation

In order to be aware of and react to these factors, Polynol actively participates in industry events held by industry organizations and technical societies. We have recently been engaged in and successfully developed Nano lubricant technology , which we are confident will be available to our customers in the near future.

We strongly believe that staying connected with the world and the industry, and continuous self-improvement are critical to provide leading edge solutions to our customers.


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Shamrock Shipping and Trading, world’s leading petrochemical distributor, part of Shamrock Group, was appointed as Polynol’s exclusive global distributor. Shamrock has been in the market since 2006 and has grown exponentially over they ears and received global recognition for being world’s top 70th petrochemical distributor by ICIS in 2013 with annual turnover of $171,3 million.

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